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Over 20 years in the injection moulding industry
Moulding capacity from 80-220 tonnes
Conveniently located in Nottinghamshire for nationwide service

Pro Moulds has been working in the injection moulding industry since 1994. Over those years we’ve developed a keen understanding of how the industry works, what customers are looking for and how best to serve them. With the technology changes over the years, we’ve been able to upgrade our process and perfect the plastic injection moulding service that we offer.

We’re able to mould a capacity of 80-220 tonnes which means that we’re likely to be able to help with whatever your needs might be. Taking pride in our abilities, everything we do is centred around our customers, from our start-to-finish service all the way to the delivery of your products.

So, get in touch with us today on 01623 904 417 or email us at

Working with a huge range of industries across the UK, we’ve been able to produce specialist, one-off items as well as mass-produce parts for clients.

Whether you have a part that is broken and needs to be replaced or you’ve got a product idea that you’d like to implement, we’re here to help. We operate across the UK including Nottingham, Derby, Sheffield and Leicester so wherever you are, give us a call or use our contact form today

Rapid Injection Moulding in Derby

Rapid prototyping is a huge part of the UK’s manufacturing industry now. Being able to go from design to prototype to finished product so quickly means that you’re wasting less time and getting the most out of your budget.


Whether we’re bringing your imagination to life or we’re creating a detailed part for a machine, our quick turn around is perfect for you.


All you have to do is get in touch on 01623 904 417.


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Precision Moulding

Whatever the size of you project, with the huge range of specialist machinery we’re ideally equipped to work with you.


From plastic injection to laser welding and even tool and die repair, our in-house team has the expertise to create exactly what you’re looking for.


Gust give us a call on 01623 904 417 for some free advice.

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