What is Injection Moulding?

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In short, injection moulding is a process in which a material, such as a thermoplastic, metal and even liquid silicone rubber is melted down into a somewhat viscous state. After the material is melted and malleable enough to move, pressure is added to a syringe-like container which is used to push the melted material into the mould cavity. This is then left to cool and harden so that the finished product can be extracted and used but the consumer.

How does injection moulding work?

First off, we need to make a tool for the injection process. A tool, or die, is the part that you’re going to be creating during the injection process. This will be in the same shape as your ‘finished product’ so each one will be based on that tool. This can be created in a number of ways and from a number of different materials too.

Creating the tool is one of the most important parts of the injection moulding process and it hasn’t even begun yet! If you get the tool wrong, you could end up with hundreds of defective parts. That’s why we have an intensive quality control process before the tool is ready to use!
After we have the tool, we can then make the mould for future use. This is basically reversing mould and tool process; rather than making the product inside the mould, you’re making the mould around the tool. After we make the mould for you, we’ll use it to create the finished products for your project.

With the moulds created, we’re able to start creating the products for you. If you’re using thermoplastic, for example, they’ll come in small pellets to make the melting process faster. These pellets will be loaded into a barrel, melted down and compressed into the system. The plastic will flow through the mould’s runner system and shoot into the mould cavity itself.
This is all then left to cool and harden so that the parts can be taken out of the mould, packaged and shipped to your chosen location.

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