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With over 20 years experience under our belt, Pro-Moulds and all the staff involved have come up with quality, reliable solutions for all our services. The Mould Making team can work with a great scale of items, consisting of different shapes, sizes and materials. This method and technique has proved a necessity for a number of industries, offering services to Nottingham, Derby, Leicester and the rest of the UK.

What is Mould Making?

Mould making is a process of manufacturing, involving shaping liquid or pliable raw materials. Mould makers use a rigid frame called a mould or matrix, these can be used to duplicate a 3D model or make your own object. Moulds can come in a range of materials including clay, rock and plastic.


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Plastic Mould Making

In order to prepare for the plastic injection moulding process, Pro-Moulds have invested and mastered plastic mould making.


Plastic injection moulding is the process of melting plastic pellets which are later injected into a mould. The plastic then solidifies to produce the final product. So before we can create this solid piece, there must be a mould to pour into! Using our high tech CAD and CAM systems, you will work with the mould makers to produce your initial mould, ensuring the shaping and sizing is as accurate as can be. Thanks to the spacious facilities we have on site, Pro-Moulds are well equipped for a range of mould options.

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Mould Design UK

Pro-Moulds offer flexibility and adaptability when it comes to the development of moulds. After working with a range of industries such as medical, construction and automotive, the results can vary. Our expert mould makers produce top quality, long-lasting solutions for injection moulding in the UK, working with all of our in-house productions to successfully run a step by step process.


This process starts with the mould designers. This team has an eye for detail and will work hard to ensure that first process is done accurately and meets our high standards. Similar to the tool designers, we use high spec CAD and CAM softwares to create a modern, clear vision of your mould.

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