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A toolmaker in Nottinghamshire, Pro Moulds serves the toolmaking needs of clients across the UK. From the outset, Pro Moulds realised there was a major need for an all-under-one-roof toolmaking facility with a skilled team of toolmakers. Our relocation in 2000 to a purpose-built 9000 sq ft facility allowed us to excel in this.

Using the latest industry software combined with modern CNC equipment and an experienced team of toolmakers, we manage your requirements in-house from start to finish. Tooling is a necessary industry in which many have placed their confidence when in need of bespoke equipment.

Incorporated within our systems are quality control and accuracy checks at every stage using CMM.

We’re also able to repair, modify and service existing tools/moulds, take a look at our tool repair page for further information about these services.

Toolmaking is imperative to the world of manufacturing, whether you’re mass-producing an item or just creating one intricate piece for a specific machine. So, the tool (also referred to as the die) is a replica of the product that you’re going to be making. These pieces can be made of all sorts of different materials, whether it’s plastic, steel or iron.

This tool is often created using a number of different techniques but it will usually be designed using our in-house CAD software so that you can see all of the dimensions in a 3D view.

After this, we get to work, whether you use a subtractive manufacturing method for the tool or an additive process, we’ll create your tool ready to use for creating moulds.

In manufacturing, a toolmaker is such an important part of the industry because they’re the ones that are creating and repairing the tools/ die for the manufacturing processes to come. Although you may think that the toolmaker creates hand tool like hammers, a toolmaker actually create a product called a tool or die that is then used to create a mould or the injection moulding process.

This tool needs to be perfect so that each product that you create with the mould is the right shape and size. These tools might be for a tidy product for a computer or a larger product like a plastic drill casing.

Our toolmaking service is second to none and so with each and every precision tooling project, you can be sure that we’ll meet your criteria to the tee. We pride ourselves on offering the best service possible while working quickly to get your project live. Visit the Toolmaking Nottingham page for any local enquiries.

The Tool Making Process

We’re proud of our ability to handle the whole process when it comes to toolmaking, from the design and concept stage right through to production, our team will ensure all your wants and needs are met. For information on the design process, visit our tool design page and get in contact for any ideas you may have!

Our tool room houses some of the latest technology and machinery, enabling us to offer an unparalleled level of service. Once the designing and planning process is complete, we then go on to making clear models before heading into the toolroom. We have a range of advanced technology and CAD softwares at our facility, ensuring all work and products are to high standards and filled with accuracy.

Get a deeper understanding of this method in our blog on the process of tool making.

Fully Equipped Toolroom

We have a fully equipped toolroom housing the latest technology and machinery available to the market.

Our continuous investment in our plant means we can offer the best level of service at a competitive price point. Our team of engineers and mechanics have gone through plenty of toolmaking training and practise with their specialised areas, offering expert advice and knowledge throughout.

To see a list of machinery available visit our plant list and get in touch today!

Tool Making For All Shapes and Sizes

Thanks to our 9,000 sq. ft facility and our on-site crane, we’re able to handle tools of a huge range of shapes and sizes. Over the years we have worked with a variety of industries and projects, all of which bring something new and diverse to the table. These tasks can come in many forms so it is vital there is the accessibility and resources on site.

This means that no matter what size or scope your project is, we will try our best to facilitate your needs and produce products that you can rely on.

If you have any queries or requirements regarding to toolmaking, get in touch on 01623 904 417 and our experts will be sure to help you out!

Tool Making Services Across the UK

No matter how big your facility is or what shape the tool needs to be, Pro Moulds can cater to your tool-making needs.

Get in touch with us on 01623 904 417 to speak to our toolmakers or tool designers! Providing services in Nottingham, Derby and surrounding areas, our team of professionals are dedicated to creating reliable, high-quality tools for a number of industries.

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